On a cold winter’s night, IT manager Derek Andrews is sleeping soundly in his warm bed. With the family fast asleep, Derek’s mind and body are drifting away in a deep slumber. Dreaming of times gone by, precious family holidays, his children’s smiles and laughter, Derek is suddenly jolted to life by a sinister sound… ring ring ring… of the house phone. It’s the office. A muffled voice on the line asks, “Have you checked the data?”

Brought to you by Proact and NetApp, When the Office Calls (home) has been described by critics as “Unequivocally the most terrifying movie I’ve ever seen” and as containing “Some of the most terrifying sequences ever filmed”.

The terror begins… When the office calls (home).


Fight the fear

“A 3 a.m. phone call is truly the stuff of nightmares” - Random IT manager

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Release Date

Never, unless Steven Spielberg gives us a call.





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*** film unlikely to ever be released, this is just an obvious joke — however, late-night calls do occur.

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