Something evil has made its presence known in the data centre. They come from a place unknown, seemingly invisible and difficult to trace. They come to take over the files and backups of our planet, to bring a new dimension of terror to the movie screen. Do not fall asleep: The nightmare that threatens the world strikes when you least expect it. As you slumber, they will absorb your SQL databases, your object storage, your financial records… nothing is safe that means something to you.


Your business calls it “The biggest threat to our reputation”. Starring Maxx Security as Dr Soc, see him witness the horror of phishing clickable-links as he enters the vortex of fear. Also guest-starring Siemantha Scot from “Ware of Ransom”, see the despair as the attacks break down every semblance of humanity and resilience left. The snatchers are here, already, and you are next!

Fight the fear

“So scared I backed up my data on tape in Nova Scotia.” - Random IT manager

We hope you enjoy the movie, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Sleep soundly and remove the fear of data snatchers by exploring our managed security solutions, delivered 24/7 from our dedicated SOC.


Webinar | 30th November | Is immutability the ultimate answer to protecting backups? Click here to find out more


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Podcast | Let's talk Backup and Ransomware. Listen here.


Mini Movie | We protect and secure your data (4min). Watch here.


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As part of the “Invasion of the Data Snatchers” promotion, we have been able to secure some personal 1-2-1 time with our movie stars. Book your free interview and find out more. All those that sign up can also order a free limited-edition t-shirt print of the poster to be received during the 1-2-1. Simply select your size in the registration form below.





Release Date

31st October 2021





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*** film unlikely to ever be released, this is just a startlingly obvious joke, enjoy the Halloween fun.

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