The legend of migrating to the cloud has existed for years. Tales from local residents speak of lower costs, high availability and improved security. However, some folk recall trainee DevOps going missing late in the night, leaving only small piles of cloud invoices on their desks.

Last October, three IT managers entered the data centre in search of the truth. Armed with hyperscaler accounts, credit cards, smartphone cameras and bean-to-cup coffee, the IT managers venture into the server room. They vanished. One year later, their log files were found.

Proact and NetApp bring you The Migration Project — dubbed by critics as “An experiment in fear” and “this makes shadow IT look like child’s play”.


Fight the fear

“So scared I backed up my data on tape in Nova Scotia.” - Random IT Manager

Don’t march into the server room unprepared — a migration project isn’t something you have to face on your own. With our professional services around migration and multicloud experience, we can help your organisation’s data to remain safe while you benefit from all the advantages gained through migration.


Limited Edition – Meet the stars and claim your prize

As part of the promotion of The Migration Project, we have been able to secure some personal 1-2-1 time with our movie stars. Book your free interview and find out more. All those that sign up can also order a free limited-edition t-shirt print of the poster to be received during the 1-2-1. Simply select your size in the registration form below.





Release Date

Never, unless John Carpenter gives us a call.





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*** film unlikely to ever be released, this is just an obvious joke, no IT managers were harmed in the making of this campaign

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