Reduce the risk of a phishing attack: it's about time

Today’s phishing attacks are often difficult to detect as they go beyond traditional tactics, like the inclusion of suspicious links or attachments. Using handcrafted content from public information and disguising as trusted individuals, it's no wonder organisations continue to be put at risk.

Proact, partnered with Ironscales, provide a real-time mailbox monitoring and threat detection service, which helps to detect these advanced phishing attacks.

In a short demo, we will show you how our service can:

  • Improve your employees' awareness of suspicious emails
  • Outsmart increasingly sophisticated and targeted phishing attacks through machine-learning and human interactiion
  • Minimise your team's workload so they can support business objectives
  • Deliver automated real-time analysis and remediation guidance on reported incidents

With 24/7 support from our Security Operations Centre, you can rest assured and get back to focusing on what matters.

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