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Proact ir Eiropā vadošais datu un informācijas pārvaldības uzņēmums, kas specializējas mākoņpakalpojumu,datu centru risinājumu piegādē un konsultācijās.

Nesen iegādājoties Conoa, mēs paplašinājām savu kompetenču klāstu un tagad spējam palīdzēt uzņēmumiem ceļā uz Cloud-Native, konteineru tehnoloģijām un Kubernetes, nodrošinot sertificētas apmācības un profesionālus pakalpojumus. Conoa ir gan Kubernetes sertificēts pakalpojumu sniedzējs (KCSP), gan Kubernetes apmācību partneris (KTP). Kopā ar tehnoloģiju partneriem mēs piedāvājam risinājumu ekosistēmu, lai palīdzētu jums izveidot modernu, drošu un efektīvu CI/CD vidi.


1 - Your Journey to Kubernetes, Kenneth Albinsson, Conoa (Proact)
We are happy to announce that Kenneth Albinsson will give a highly appreciated introduction to Kubernetes and containers. Kenneth is CTO and co-founder at Conoa (acquired by Proact), which helps companies modernise IT infrastructure with a focus on cloud-native, Kubernetes, and container technologies


2 - Container Infrastructure for Cloud-Native Applications, Tony Franck, Hitachi
As EMEA Technical Expert for Hitachi Vantara Tony Franck helps customers and companies to get the values from Hitachi products and solutions on Automation and the Modernisation of datacenters on edge, core, or cloud infrastructure. He has over 25 years of experience in various roles and specializes in designing enterprise quality solutions for both virtualisation and consolidation in customer and cloud datacenters. 


3 - Ship code faster with guaranteed outcomes: Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Stephane Beaumont, Mirantis
Mirantis empower developers and innovators to create extraordinary products and services by automating the discovery, integration and operation of the best cloud and open-source technologies for their unique needs.


4 - Secure Cloud Infrastructure - Identity First, Ephraim Zuriel, Ermetic
Cloud infrastructure is extremely complex, with thousands of workloads and data resources, service and human identities, and policies and configurations. With so many moving parts, it’s nearly impossible to clearly see or understand what is going on in your AWS, Azure and GCP environments -  let alone control it. Efforts are exacerbated by the rapid pace of development, shortages in cloud expertise, and the number of stakeholders.
Ultimately the most important question is - Is my data exposed? Who can access it? Only with clear, contextual, actionable risk insight into all identities, configurations and resources can you begin to grasp effective access and the risk to your data. Find out how an identity-first approach to cloud security can help you reduce your cloud attack surface and blast radius, and stay compliant.


5 - Data Security, what it requires to recover quickly from a massive Ransomware cyberattack? Sami Laurila, Rubrik
Every 15 seconds in 2021 and every 2 seconds in 2025 some organization will be hit by ransomware attack. How can you build resilience and create a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the risk related to cyberattacks. Rubrik is leader in data security and helping customers to navigate in data risk mitigation in digital world. In this session we are talking about real life examples and how Rubrik will bring value to data security.


6 - Unified security and compliance for containers, Kubernetes and cloud. Stefan Trimborn, Sysdig
Cloud Native environments are fast, agile and often a challenge to manage. Security and compliance checks are usually an afterthought for managing DevOps teams, as hunting for CVEs and creating meaningful compliance reports adds extra work to already overbooked daily business schedules.
This presentation will introduce you to Sysdig's Risk Spotlight and Compliance Reports. Those will allow you to focus on what's important for your business. We help you to run your most important assets securely and provide meaningful compliance reports on the spot.


7 - Ensure Holistic Protection for Modern Apps and APIs. Mats Johansson, F5 (NGINX)
Today’s application landscape has changed dramatically. Modern apps are microservices that run in containers, communicate via APIs, and deploy via automated CI/CD pipelines. NGINX App Protect is a modern app security solution that works seamlessly in DevOps environments as a robust WAF or app level DoS defense, helping you deliver secure apps from code to customer.


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